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  • What Did Spider-Man Do After His Secret Identity Was Revealed?

    During the end-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Peter Parker discovers that Mysterio informed the world of the true identity of Spider-Man. The movie ends on that cliffhanger, and while we can’t be sure how this issue will be resolved, we can look back at when this happened in the comic books. While millions […] Read Story

  • NEXTWAVE: The Surreal Life of Marvel’s D-Listers

    Nextwave is the perfect way to kick back and enjoy anything when life turns sour. From the time of its creation to the ever divisive fandoms, this series is practically the perfect medicine. Who needs comics’ penchant for reboots, retcons, status quo changers, and events when you can just have fun? Squirrel Girl? Okay fair, […] Read Story

  • Dini Batman The Adventures Continue DC Comics BATMAN: THE ADVENTURES CONTINUE #1 is a Careful Continuation

    Written by Alan Burnett and Paul Dini, with art by Ty Templeton, colors by Monica Kubina and letters by Joshua Reed, Batman: The Adventures Continue #1 out this week from DC Comics follows in the footsteps of the cartoon, and doesn’t stray far. The comic acts as a sequel of sorts to the animated series. With […] Read Story

  • Marvel’s CIVIL WAR #1 — The Great Debate That Split The World

    CIVIL WAR #1, a Marvel Comics Event, rocked the comic book world when it was released on May 3rd, 2006. Written by Mark Millar and illustrated by Steve McNiven, the story pits fan favorites heroes Captain America and Iron Man against one another in one of the most topical dichotomies: freedom and security. A line […] Read Story

  • Tom Taylor OPED: Tom Taylor Is The Master Of Tragedy Through Levity

    For more than a decade now, Tom Taylor has been bringing us to tears with his comics. He writes the kind of scripts that frankly shouldn’t work. A zombie apocalypse in the DC Universe, a tyrant Superman taking over the world. His premises are full of tragedy, and if his scripts were just that, it […] Read Story

  • Longbox Legends: SWEET TOOTH – Innocence in the Time of the Apocalypse

    “This is a Story.” In the time surrounding the year 2010, the post-apocalypse story setting was near beaten to death by the mainstream horde of apocalyptic fiction. Television, film, games, and comics were swarming with stories of varying quality of people surviving in the ruins of our society. This oversaturation undoubtedly caused many to become […] Read Story

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